International Research: Autism Around The World

Dear sir, madam,

My name is Jitske Isidore, I am an autistic blogger and studying to become a counselor specialized in autism. I am from the Netherlands. I am an active member within the autistic community on social media and I have developed an interest in autism and how it is experienced by autistics world wide. This has made me develop a research questionnaire in which I invite all people with autism to participate in. I am researching autism around the world to better understand the international conditions of people with autism. I would like my research to create autism awareness by showing people how autism is experienced throughout the world.

To be able to do this, I need your help! Please spread my research questionnaire among your family, friends and social media network, be they people with autism, parents of autistic children or professionals. When people from all over the world respond I can develop this into various articles to explain autism from different country perspectives. This will be helpful for people with autism as well as people without autism.

You will find the questionnaire here:

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